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Movie Theaters of South Carolina
by John R. Coles and Mark C. Tiedje

The book traces the state’s movie business from the grand opera houses and early storefront theaters, through the golden age of cinema, to the decline and disappearance of the downtown movie theater.

“Movie Theaters of South Carolina” is filled with photographs and personal stories. There are sections on African American theaters, mill village theaters, military theaters, marketing the movies, and forgotten local films.

“Movie Theaters of South Carolina” provides a satisfying and revealing experience through interviews, newspaper articles, photographs and personal memories. It uncovers what makes South Carolina’s movie theater history different from that of other regions in the country.

Paperback, 8 by 10 inches, 180 pages. Publication Date: April 18, 2012
Abundantly illustrated with many rare photographs
ISBN# 9781463623517
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Movie Theaters of Charleston
by John R. Coles and Mark C. Tiedje

It is exciting to offer this revised edition. We have located many sources that were not available to us when we published the first edition, fifteen years ago. We are grateful for the new stories and photographs contained in this edition. We are especially pleased with the new material on African American theaters in Charleston.

Paperback, 8 by 10 inches, 97 pages. Publication Date: June 4, 2009
Over 40 illustrations, 50 photographs, and 11 maps
ISBN# 9781441493552
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The Voice That Amazed America
The Life & Singing Career of Tommy Dix
by Ken Robichaux

The story of Tommy Dix is the story of a remarkable singer and a remarkable man. Overcoming a chronic childhood illness, and rising above his family's initial poverty, Tommy used his talents to become one of America's most popular entertainers during the 1940s. He amazed a nationwide audience for the first time at the age of thirteen when he appeared on "Major Bowes' Amateur Hour", the country's most popular radio show in the mid-1930s. Tommy's unusually rich, deep baritone voice lit up the switchboard and forced Major Bowes to immediately invite him back for an encore. When Tommy was sixteen he appeared before the mother of President Roosevelt and a large audience at New York City's Waldorf-Astoria Hotel singing his own original composition and then leading everyone in a rendition of "Happy Birthday". The following year he appeared on Broadway where he made the song "Buckle Down, Winsocki" a nationwide pop favorite, and by the time he was nineteen he was starring opposite Lucille Ball in the hit M-G-M musical "Best Foot Forward". For the next decade Tommy performed throughout the United States entertaining young and old alike with his amazing singing voice. B&W and color illustrations.

Paperback: 10 x 8 inches, 58 pages
ISBN-10: 1478371269
ISBN-13: 978-1478371267
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Magical Places

Magical Places
The Story of Spartanburg's Theaters & Their Entertainments: 1900-1950
by Marion Peter Holt

Published by Hub City Writers Project, "Magical Places" by Marion Peter Holt, recounts the entertainment history of Spartanburg, South Carolina. Includes photos and illustrations of Spartanburg's theaters and entertainments.

Paperback, 6 by 9 inches, 115 pages. 2004
ISBN 1-891885-36-7
Available through Hub City Writers Project
PO Box 8421
Spartanburg, SC 29305
Phone: (864) 577-9349

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