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Branchville, SC

Edisto Theater

The Times And Democrat of Orangeburg, dated April 20, 1937, announced a movie theater for Branchville. It reads:

"Dr. J.T. Greene of Elloree has opened a modern moving picture theatre in Branchville. Branchville has been without a moving picture for about seven years and the people of this community have looked forward for a long time to the opening of the moving picture theatre.

Dr. Greene has leased the building of the late J.E. Byrd on Main street, and has completely renovated on the inside and outside. He has named the theatre in honor of the Edisto river and will call it the Edisto theatre. He has installed one of the latest type sound machines and promises to show all of the newest pictures."

From an interview with Dr. Green's grandson, J.T. Green, III, in August, 2005:

"The Edisto Theatre in Branchville was a wood frame building. It had a wood-stove for what little heat was needed. One Halloween, my father organized a "Spook Show" at the theatre. It was a chilly night and the wood-stove was being used. It was throwing out too much light to see the movie so my father told me to go backstage behind the screen where they always kept buckets of water.

I brought a nearly-full bucket and poured some water on the fire in the stove to dowse it a little. The stove hissed and let out a big cloud of steam. It also let out such a foul smell that it cleared the theatre. Someone had peed in the water bucket backstage.

Eventually, the Edisto Theatre was torn down and my father built a two-story brick building with a theatre above and a restaurant below. That theatre never had a name. There was a big sign out in front that said "Theater" above and "Cafe" below."

Film Daily Yearbook of 1945, states that the Edisto Theatre has 200 seats.


Simply named "Theater" this was located in a brick building above a cafe. It was built by Mr. J.T. Green, Jr.


The Times And Democrat, April 20, 1937
Film Daily Yearbook, 1945 edition
Bill Greene, grandson of Dr. J.T. Green, Sr.
J.T. Green, III, grandson of Dr. J.T. Green, Sr.

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