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Edisonia Theatre and Idle Hour Theatre - Charleston, SC

Edisonia Theatre
263 King Street
Opened: 1907
Closed: 1908

Advertised as "The Pride of Charleston" the Edisonia Theatre was described, in 1907, as the most comfortable theatre in the city, cool and alternatingly breezy. Concerts were given there by the Furst Band of the Artillery Corps and illustrated songs were featured.

Shortly after it opened, there was an exhibition of color films. These were black and white films that had been tinted frame-by-frame. In April, 1908, James Sottile purchased the Edisonia and published the following in the News and Courier:

"Mr. James Sottile, proprietor of the Edisonia has invited the Charleston Court No. 19, Daughters of Isabella, to visit his attractive and interesting little theater this afternoon, and when the ladies arrive they will see a very fine picture. This will be the great St. Patrick's Day Parade in New York City. The motion picture faithfully shows the details of this splendid pageant. Special music will be given by Mr. Dick Voight and Mr. Peter J. Smith."

On October 16, 1908, it was announced that Pastime Amusement Company would open a new theater at the site of the Edisonia to be called the Idle Hour. Admission was promised to be ten cents to all parts of the house.

Idle Hour Theatre
263 King Street
Opened: November 9, 1908
Closed: 1909

News and Courier - November 10, 1908

News and Courier - November 6, 1908
The Idle Hour opened Monday, November 9, 1908. Pastime Amusement Company announced that the work was being done "at not small expense" and that the Idle Hour would be "strictly modern in every respect, the stage will be enlarged to twice its original size, back of the stage will be constructed then large and well ventilated dressing rooms, and the entire place, both inside and outside, will be brilliantly lighted by electricity. The admission will be 10 cents for any part of the house, and with the class of attractions that this company have been securing, it is predicted that the standing-room only sign will be often displayed."
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