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Terrace Theatre - Charleston, SC

Terrace Theatre
1956-D Maybank Highway
Charleston, SC 29412

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The Terrace Theatre opened on September 12, 1997, with a screening of the Australian comedy "Love Serenade." At the time, the 192-seat theater was the centerpiece of the newly rennovated Terrace Plaza. From the beginning, it was intended to exhibit first-run, independent, and art-house movies. It was also home of the Charleston Guerilla Theatre company.

The Terrace Theatre had competition for the art-house market. When it opened, downtown Charleston had the Roxy Theatre and the South Windermere Twin operated in the West Ashley area.

In July, 2007, the creator and original owner of the Terrace Theater, Marcie Marzluff, sold it to Michael Furlinger. His experience started as an usher on Long Island when he was 15 years old. Eventually, he became district manager for all of Manhattan and Brooklyn for Cineplex Odeon.

Furlinger brings both experience and energy to the Terrace Theatre. We have never been to the theater without seeing him in the lobby greeting people and sharing his thoughts on movies and the theatre business. It is obvious he works hard and loves his work.

The theater now has three screens. It has outlasted the competition and is now the only art-house theatre in the Charleston area. Without the Terrace Theatre, we would not see local screenings of many independent and groundbreaking movies.

The Terrace Theatre has a concession offering a wide variety of items from popcorn and sodas to domestic and imported beer and wine. There are choices for those who prefer something healthier such as herbal teas and raisins.

The most important thing a movie theater has to do is exhibit every movie in a professional manner. It helps when the seats are comfortable. It also helps when the theatre staff is friendly and helpful. In our opinion, the Terrace Theatre always meets or exceeds our expectations.

Along with an exciting list of coming attractions, the Terrace Theatre will be screening "Gone With The Wind" in June. This one-week special presentation will be enhanced with a lobby exhibition of period artifacts and memorabilia realted to this classic cinema masterpiece.

Furlinger's enthusiasm and optimism are contageous. He has plans to improve the theatre, which, in our view, is already a cut above the other movie houses in the area.


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