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Chesterfield, SC

Chesterfield Theater

The Chesterfield Theater was located at 152 East Main Street. It has been extensively remodeled and is now Kevin Lear on Main, a gift and flower shop.

The following information is taken from:
Watson Family Stories by:Barbara Watson Eddins

August 16, 2008

Our local theater served as a gathering place at noon each day for prayer during World War II. Citizens were reminded of the hour by the blowing of the fire siren with three short blasts.

While the women shopped and the men chatted, children usually enjoyed going to see a movie, which for a number of years cost only 11 cents. For that dime and a penny, the movie house offered a “serial” and a feature film. Most often the serial was 6 to 8 episodes of a cowboy story featuring such popular western heroes as Buck Jones, Lash LaRue, and the Lone Ranger. Children didn’t want to miss a single episode of the serial, and would gladly endure a love story showing as the feature film in order to see the serial a second time.

The theater owners didn’t require the theater to empty its seats between showings; thus, parents could put their children in the theater for babysitting purposes and go about their merry way for an entire afternoon. Parents knew that such an arrangement was safe, because the ticket seller knew all the children and would be alert to an adult “stranger’s” appearance on the scene.

One exception was during the time of the pre-World War II maneuvers held in and around Chesterfield when soldiers would use their spare time to see a movie. Even then, parents knew that the theater employee in the ticked booth would keep a close eye out for anything out of the ordinary.

Behind the shop, the movie theater's original roof collapsed and was removed. The owner made this area into an open-air garden. In this open space, one of the exit doors from the theater with its original hardware can still be seen.

Chesterfield Theater building

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