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Cindy Corley remembers Saturday matinee at Cook Theatre in Walterboro, SC

Walterboro, SC - August 11, 2004

When I was a child Wahington Street was a very busy street. All the stores were full. Everybody knew everybody. My mother worked at Infinger’s. Down the street was the shoe store and two doors below that was the barbershop where everybody knew my mother and father. Further down was the dime store and on the corner was the Belk-Hudson store.

If I was good all week long and swept the floors and emptied the ash trays, back then people could smoke in the stores, kept the bathrooms clean, then, on Saturday they would give me a dollar.

I would walk down the street to the Cook Theater and watch the Saturday matinee. For that dollar, I could get my ticket, popcorn, coke, and two different kinds of candy.

My father was the jeweler here. I would sit in the theater and watch the advertising before the movie. Across the screen in blue and silver it would say, “Infinger’s Jewelers. If you don’t know jewelry, know your jeweler.” That was my father’s motto, and I used to be so proud to see our name up on that big movie screen.

Mr. Henry Cook owned the theater. If I talked in the movie, he would call my mother and tell her I talked and then for two Saturdays I couldn’t go to the movies. Mr. Cook’s wife owns the antique store down the street. They are wonderful people.

Now I have a DVD player and my grandchildren show me how to use it.


Note: John and Cindy Corley now operate a Christmas gift shop in the old Farmers and Merchants Bank building on Washington Street in Walterboro.


Cindy Corley

Cook Theatre

Ritz Theatre in Walterboro was also owned by Mr. Cook

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