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Gaffney, SC
We are very grateful to the Hudson family for the information on the movie theatres of Gaffney, SC.

Capri Theatre, Gaffney, SC

Capri Theatre
302 N Limestone Street
Phone: (864) 489-4691

The Capri Theatre, formerly the Cherokee, is owned and operated by Clyde and Mary Hudson and their family. This theatre has operated continuously since it opened as the Cherokee in 1936. Today the Capri shows first-run films at reasonable prices. Adult tickets are $5 and children's tickets are $3.50. In 2000, the stage was retrofitted to once again allow for live performances.

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Cherokee Theatre, Gaffney, SC

Cherokee Theatre
302 N Limestone Street
The Cherokee Theatre opened November 20, 1936 with Libeled Lady staring William Powell, Myrna Loy, Jean Harlow, and Spencer Tracy. Formerly Becker's Bakery, the interior of the building was torn out and the rear extended to accommodate a stage and seating for 500 patrons. The front of the building was rebuilt and included a marquee and large vertical neon sign. The theatre owners were L.C. Snipe and Fred Powell. The first manager was L.A. "Nick" Warren. When it opened, admission was 25 cents for adults and 10 cents for children. In addition to movies, the Cherokee presented live shows with such performers as Ernest Tubb and Little Jimmy Dinkens. The Cherokee closed in 1968. After some major remodeling, it became the Capri Theatre.

Hamrick Theatre, Gaffney, SC

Hamrick Theatre
306 N Limestone Street
The Hamrick Theatre opened in 1930. Native son, Jim Littlejohn, recalled going to the Hamrick Theatre when he was 10 years old in 1941. He explained how he spent his allowance of fifty cents on a typical Saturday in Gaffney. "The Hamrick Theatre was just another half block down the street [from Harold's Hamburgers], but before entering that hallowed place I stopped at the Chatterbox, and, for a dime, bought the latest edition of Detective Comics, featuring the Dynamic Duo of Batman and Robin. I also bought four pieces of Fleer's Double Bubble. That left me the 11 cents for my ticket and a full quarter for major purchases during the week."

Clyde Hudson said, "The Hamrick was a nice theatre but it just deteriorated after movies were no longer shown. The roof started leaking. It was offered to the local community theatre but the inside had gotten really bad so they didn't take it. It stayed empty for a few more years and they just tore it down."

The Hamrick closed in 1968.

Hamrick Theatre, Gaffney, SC

Hamrick Theatre next to Becker's Bakery. The bakery would later become the Cherokee Theatre.

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