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Palmetto Theatre - Hampton, SC

Palmetto Theatre, Hampton, SC
Palmetto Theatre - Hampton, SC

Hampton County Guardian
August 14, 1946

Palmetto Theatre - Looking toward front

Palmetto Theatre - Looking toward rear

Palmetto Theatre
108 Lee Avenue
Opened: August 12, 1946

From the Hampton County Guardian - August 14, 1946

Palmetto Theatre Opened Monday Night With Capacity Crowd In Attendance

The $45,000 Palmetto Theatre opened Monday night at 8 o’clock with every seat occupied and additional chairs lining the aisle.

An estimated crowd of some 550 persons were present for the first show and to hear the welcome address by Senator George Warren who praised T. G. Stanley and Dr. J. A. Hayne for bringing to Hampton the handsome, modern, Palmetto theatre. He said further that he could recall no building project that had such unanimous approval as did this theatre for Hampton, which never before has had the privilege of a movie house.

He commented about the expression of appreciation shown by the many beautiful baskets of flowers sent for the opening by practically every firm in Hampton and nearby.

Closing, Senator Warren said, “May our whole community go forward along with these two young men.”
The theater was built by C. L. Freeman, contractor.

Taking care of the mechanical department is Frank McClure, Jr. and Abe Goethe. In the box office is Mrs. Irene DeLoach.

T. G. Stanley

James A. Hayne, M.D.

Co-Founders of the
Palmetto Theatre

In September, 1950, during a showing of the movie Wake Island, Mr. Stanley and Dr. Hayne were arrested for showing a movie on Sunday. Mayor J. L. Holland paid $100 bond for each man and they were released from jail by Deputy Mixon. The Blue Laws of the time prohibited delivery of newspapers, operation of trains, drug stores, swimming pools and service stations on Sundays.



After some years in operation, T.J. "Mutt" Stanley sold his interest in the Palmetto Theatre to Dr. Hayne. Then, Bob Saxton purchased the theater and leased it to Nolan Mole. Mr. Mole closed the Palmetto Theatre in 1985. When the Hampton County Arts Council was formed in 1989, a lease-purchase agreement was reached with the Herbert J. Cooper family, who owned the theater at that time. After four years of fund raising and restoration efforts, the Palmetto Theatre opened again on September 14, 1993. It continues to serve Hampton and the surrounding area as a venue for concerts and live performances.

Left is an ad for the Theater Soda Shop from the Hampton County Guardian, June 14, 1950. This popular place opened on November 11, 1946. It was owned and operated by Haskel Avant. He sold the business in July, 1956, to his brother Lamar Avant.



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