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Loris , SC

Advertisement for Opening of State Theatre in Loris
The theatre opened August 9, 1937

The first movie shown at the State Theatre was Topper, starring Constance Bennet, Cary Grant and Roland Young. The entertainment included a Mickey Mouse color cartoon and the latest Movietone News.

Admission was 25 cents for adults and 10 cents for children. Typical of the period, the main auditorium seats were for "Whites" and the balcony was for "Colored."

Also typical of the period, no movies were shown on Sundays.

The Horry Herald
Thursday, August 5, 1937

Loris Theatre Opens Monday

The new State Theatre in Loris will have its grand opening Monday night, August 9th when the doors will open at 7 P.M. The people living along the border of the two states can justly feel proud of their “community” theatre as it can be truly said that it is one of the most modern theatres to be found in either of the Carolinas. No expense has been spared to make this one of the entertainment centers for the people in the community which the theatre will serve. Mr. J.C. Thompson, the lessee, a young experienced theatre operator, made the following statement: “We decided to locate our theatre in Loris because we felt that we were more in the center of the people in the community which we expect to serve. It will be our policy to give our people the very best in movie entertainment under the most comfortable conditions. With their support and patronage they may expect pictures and programs that will equal the best to be found anywhere in the country.”

The State Theatre will have international spring cushion seats, RCA high fidelity sound, supreme ventilating equipment, the latest projection machines and other equipment and features found in the larger city theatres. The floor plan was drawn by a foremost authority on theatre seating with the idea of giving the utmost in comfort and vision. The front will be beautifully illuminated with neon lights especially designed for this theatre.

Mr. J.J. Sanderson will be the manager of the new house. Mr. Forrest Humphrey will be in charge of projection, and Miss Nell Hughes will be the cashier.

A gala program has been planned for the opening week with brand new pictures. In some instances the pictures will represent first showing in the Carolinas. A complete opening week program will be found elsewhere in this paper.

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