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Movie Theater Categories Expanded

When we bagan this web site in January, 2005, we limited our research and coverage to single-screen movie theaters. This category of theater had almost disappeared from the American landscape. We wanted to make a record of these theaters before they disappeared from living memory.

We soon came to realize that the people we interviewed had wonderful memories of the drive-in theater and wanted to share those memories with us. So, we began to include the drive-in theaters on our site.

Now, five years later, we recognize that the multiplex category of theaters has also nearly disappeared. (See definitions below) The current category of movie theater, the megaplex, dominates the film exhibition business. So, we hope you will enjoy our expanding coverage of movie theaters in South Carolina and share your stories with us.

We also hope this will provide stories of interest to a larger, more inclusive audience of visitors to our site.

Single Screen Theaters
These were the theaters for motion picture exhibition from around 1915 through 1960. Typically, they had a box office, lobby, and a single auditorium. They were usually located on "Main Street."

Multiplex Theaters
These theaters were usually in shopping malls in the suburbs. They had from two to four "box" auditoriums served by a single ticket window, lobby and concession stand. The auditoriums usually had cinderblock walls that were painted black. The construction meant that the sound from one "box" often carried over into the other auditoriums. They began to appear in the 1960s and were the mainstay for movie exhibitors into the 1980s.

Note: This category also includes some old single-screen theaters that were "twin-screened" or divided into two-screen theaters.

Megaplex Theaters
In the 1990s, the Megaplex began to appear. The Megaplex is usually a stand-alone building located in or near a shopping mall. These theaters also have a common lobby, ticket window, and consession stand. But, they have eight to twenty auditoriums, better sound insulation, state-of-the-art projection and high quality THX or Dolby Digital sound systems. Most have stadium style seating.

The drive-in has been a popular venue for movie viewing for over a half-century. Though they reached their peak of popularity in the 1950s, they may still be found across the country. A few, which had closed, have been revived and a few new drive-ins have been built in recent years.


Some Multiplex and Megaplex Theaters

Terrace Theater
South Windermere
Citadel Mall 6
Citadel Mall IMAX Stadium 16
Ashley Plaza
Charleston IMAX (360 Concord Street 2000-2007)
James Island 8
Ultravision (1812 Sam Rittenbergy Blvd)

Jefferson Square (1801 Main St)
Richland Mall
Dutch Square
Wynnsong 10 (5320 Forest Dr)

Mount Pleasant
Carmike Cinema 3
Movies 8
Palmetto Grand

North Charleston
Charlestowne Square 18
Cinema 10
Northwoods 8
Pinehaven Cinemas

Regal 16 at Azalea Square

We will be adding to this list. If you have a favorite multiplex or megaplex that we have not included, let us know.

Email: info@scmovietheatres.com



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