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Our web site is featured this month in the www.sciway.net newsletter

April 1, 2007 - Mount Pleasant, SC
The recent article about our web site in the newsletter of SCIway.net brought many visitors and quite a few emails and comments. Click on the names below to view their comments. We thank them one and all.

We heard from people who shared their memories. Edward recalled having to sit in the balcony of the movie theater in Summerton. Deb shared warm memories that included taking the train from Olar to Denmark, South Carolina, to see a movie at the Dane Theatre. Bud wrote from Columbia remembering Charleston’s movie theaters and the demonstrations to end segregated seating.

Pat confessed to smooching in the back row of the Center Theatre in Fort Mill. Tom shared memories of the Ritz Theater in Newberry and the Lyric Theatre in Honea Path. He pointed out, “You don’t have a picture of any of the Florence picture shows.” We’re working on that, Tom! Debbie remembered the Capital Theater in Laurens, and told us it has been renovated for plays, parties, and other entertainment.

Shirley, in Varnville, reminded us that the Palmetto Theatre in Hampton was renovated by the local arts council and presents many musical groups and other performances. Bob had fond memories and told us that his wife’s mother and father opened the Greenlawn Drive-In Theater in Beaufort in 1949 and ran it for about twenty-five years. Arthur let us know about theaters in North Augusta.

Carol let us know there is a video on Anderson’s movie theaters, produced by Harry Osteen, available at the Anderson County Library. Betsy pointed out the wonderful book, “Magical Places – The Story of Spartanburg’s Theaters & Their Entertainments: 1900-1950” by Marion Peter Holt, published by Hub City Writers’ Project.

Don offered to help us with information on the Inman and Greer movie theaters. Some people, like Bob, pointed us toward important contacts like David Suggs, whose father, Malcolm Samuel Suggs, was the City Manager for the Columbia Main Street theaters.

Family members and friends emailed or called us to let us know they enjoyed reading about our efforts to record and preserve the memories of these wonderful old single-screen movie theaters in South Carolina. Every contact, whether from friends or strangers, was positive and valued.

The exposure we received from the SCIway.net article gave our history project a big boost. We are grateful to all of you who shared your memories and resources with us. We are very grateful to Robin, Nitin, and Cedric, from SCIway.net who made the magic happen. SCIway.net is called the “Front Door to South Carolina.” Because of them, many South Carolinians have opened their doors to us. In the weeks ahead, we look forward to sharing their memories and information with all of the visitors to our site.

John Coles and Mark Tiedje

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