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Nickelodeon to be housed in former Fox Theater in Columbia, SC

May 1, 2006 - Columbia, SC
The Fox Theater building on Main Street in Columbia, SC, has been purchased by the Columbia Film Society/Nickelodeon Theatre. Plans call for studies followed by fund-raising, followed by a move for the popular Nickelodeon Theatre into the space of the former Fox Theater. To read about this exciting development, go to http://www.nickelodeon.org/fox.php We, at scmovietheatres.com, wish the Nickelodeon much success.

Another Lost Film - "Miss Jewett and the Baker Family"

May 1, 2006 - Florence, SC
Roger K. Hux, Reference Librarian at Francis Marion University in Florence, wrote to us asking if we could help him locate a very rare short film made in 1899. G.W. “Billy” Bitzer filmed a documentary entitled “Miss Jewett and the Baker Family” about a young Boston white woman who escorted the surviving family members of a South Carolina lynching victim back to Boston. The film is listed on the Internet Movie Database and in the catalog of the American Film Institute. The AFI Catalog online lists the duration (In feet) as 28 or 153. The film was produced by the American Mutoscope and Biograph Co. The bibliographic sources listed were AMB Picture Catalogue, p. 242, and BPL, pp. 24-25.

The lynching victim was Frazier Baker, an African-American postmaster who was lynched in Lake City, South Carolina in 1898. A Federal trial in Charleston in April 1899 resulted in a mistrial. Miss Lillian Clayton Jewett came south in August 1899 and took the family back by train to Boston. Her efforts drew nationwide attention, but her campaign to stop lynching floundered because the North was in no mood to fight another war and many were concerned about her motives.

Mr. Hux has written an article about the case which appeared in the Historical Journal of Massachusetts. We appreciate any information about this film. We will pass along any information we receive to Mr. Hux.

Abby Coker Prepares Thesis Project on Anderson Theatres

May 1, 2006 - Hemmingway, SC
Abbey Coker is currently working on her Masters Degree in Public History at UNC-Charlotte. It is understandable that she has chosen the Anderson Theatres as the subject for her thesis. Her great grandfather was Harry S. Anderson, owner of the Anderson Theaters in the South Carolina. Part of Abbey's project will be an online exhibit about the Anderson Theaters of Hemmingway and Kingstree.

Tom Reesor Still Searching for Lost Film: "The Power of Love"

May 1, 2006 - Conway, SC
Tom Reesor continues his search for the 1922 stereo film, "The Power of Love." This 3-D film was made by Perfect Studio in 1922 using the Fairhall-Elder stereoscopic process. Two strips of film were shot. They were shown using two projectors that were mechanically linked. Archives that have been contacted so far include, The George Eastman House in Rochester, New York, Gosfilmofond in Moscow, Goethe Institute and Amsterdam Filmmuseum in the Netherlands, and the British Universities Film and Video Council in London. All have graciously responded but without finding a copy of the film. We will continue to help Mr. Reesor look for "The Power of Love." Anyone with information, please contact us here. Email Us


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