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Roll Film... PLEASE!
Editorial - March 1, 2008

We made an effort to view the nominees for “Best Picture” of 2007, prior to the 80th Accademy Awards show. Our expectations seemed reasonable.

On Wednesday, February 20, 2008, we went to our local Regal Cinema to see “Atonement.” Thirty minutes into the film, the screen went blank. In a short time, the film started again. Although some sections appeared in soft focus, we watched the remainder of “Atonement” without incident.

The next day, we went back to the same theater to see “There Will Be Blood.” A few minutes into the film, a loud buzzing noise obscured the audio track of the film. After several minutes of this, we left and asked for a refund. The woman in the ticket booth was pleasant and refunded our money.

Our experience at the local Consolidated Theater, the Palmetto Grand, wasn’t much better. Some time ago, we went to see another “Best Picture” nominee. The audio was so low we could only hear it by cupping our hands to our ears. We could also hear the clicking of the projector. The explosions from the film in the adjoining screening room competed with the film we were trying to watch.

On Friday, February 22, we went to see "Juno" at the Terrace Theatre, a locally owned independent theater. The film was shown without mechanical failure. The image was in focus. The sound was clear. The seats were comfortable. We recommend the Terrace Theatre.

There is nothing like the experience of going to the movies. It is fun to see a movie on a big screen, to share the laughter or screams with other people, to reflect on what you saw as you drive home. You don't get those experiences watching a DVD at home. But, if the movie isn't properly shown, we might as well stay home.

Terrace Theatre - Charleston

As part of a plan to be more inclusive, we have started adding multi-screen theatres to our site. This month we are featuring the Terrace Theatre on Maybank Highway in Charleston. This three-screen theatre is the only independently owned and operated art-house cinema in the area.

We recently spoke with its new owner, Michael Furlinger, and learned about the history of the Terrace Theatre and his plans for its future.

Beginning its eleventh year, the Terrace Theatre continues to be what it was designed to be - a venue for independent and international films. The Terrace Theatre plays a vital role in the community. To read our article on the Terrace Theatre, CLICK HERE.

League of Historic American Theatres Conference in Newberry, SC
At the Newberry Opera House - April 13-15, 2008

Newberry Opera House


Historic Theatres in Small Communities:
Catalysts for Economic Revitalization

April 13-15, 2008

Newberry, South Carolina

This new LHAT forum will focus on the leading role historic theatres play in attracting visitors, recruiting industry, expanding existing industry and enhancing quality of life in America’s small cities and towns. Join your colleagues -- seasoned historic theatre managers, staff members and community leaders -- to share and discuss strategies for positioning your theatre as a catalyst for economic and cultural development within your community.

Why should YOU attend? It’s a great networking opportunity!

  • Hear a case study of the Newberry Opera House and the impact its programming and operations have on downtown Newberry
  • Then share information about your theatre’s economic and cultural impact on your community.
  • Hear from your colleagues operating historic theatres in other
    parts of the country about their programming and operations.
  • Participate in facilitated peer discussions about best practices
    and proven strategies for restoring, programming and operating historic theatres in other small cities and towns.
  • Enjoy a reception at and tour of the Newberry Opera House and a tour of downtown Newberry.

Topics to be discussed:

  • Restoration, from passion to implementation, with professional partners
  • Economic development from making the case to delivering significant impact
  • Creative financing for restoration and operation
  • Programming, including successful strategies for presenting in
    small communities
  • Community engagement
  • Recruiting and retaining volunteers
  • Best practices in theatre programming and operations, including technical production, front-of-house and box office


Download the seminar overview, agenda, and registration form
or register online through our secure server using this link:

Sign up by March 16th for the lowest rates!

Questions? Contact LHAT toll-free: 877-627-0833 or Email: info@lhat.org

Charleston International Film Festival - May 1-4, 2008

The 1st Annual Charleston International Film Festival will bring attendees together for 4 days to attend premieres, panels, special events, seminars, after parties and deal making opportunities. The festival will showcase shorts, features and documentaries from around the world. There will also be a screenplay competition.

On the 4th and final night of the festival, CIFF will present awards to honor the finest in filmmaking displayed during the competition.

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