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August 2008

Theater above company store of
Alderman Lumber Company in Alcolu, SC.

Mill Towns and the Movies

The cotton and lumber mills of South Carolina provided jobs, education, housing, shopping, and entertainment for the mill workers and their families. The villages that were built or grew up around the mills sometimes became closed societies dominated by the mill. The movies, often shown in a large hall above the company store, gave the workers entertainment and a window to a larger world beyond the mill.

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T. Lee Little - South Carolina Pioneer Film Exhibitor
Camden, SC

In July, we received a box of materials from Mr. Little's granddaughter, Gretchen Roepke. She had made a memory book from materials she found in her mother's closet in Camden. Most of the materials related to Mr. Little's 35th year in the motion picture exhibition business. The book contained congratulatory notes and telegrams from Hollywood moguls such as Adolph Zukor and Walt Disney and screen stars such as Bob Hope, Alan Ladd, Jane Russell, Betty Hutton, and Bing Crosby. We will be adding information about the Camden Theaters soon. To read a brief profile of Mr. T. Lee Little - Click Here

Mr. T. Lee Little
Camden Chronicle
March 15, 1955

We're Still Collecting Personal Memories
Mount Pleasant, SC

We continue to collect histories and photographs of South Carolina's single screen movie theaters. Yes, a book is coming one of these days. In the meantime, we are still wanting to hear YOUR story! Do you remember going to a local South Carolina single screen movie theater? Tell us about your first movie, your first date, a happy memory, or even an embarrassing memory. We do plan to publish a book about our state's single screen movie houses. But, it will mean so much more if these theaters are put into the context of social and cultural events of the time. Our next book will be about the theaters. But, it will also be about going to the movies. Let us hear from you.

John Coles and Mark Tiedje
Movie Theaters of South Carolina


Wilmont Berry
Hartsville, SC

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