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November 2009

We have been on the road again. This trip we visited Holly Hill, Elloree, and Orangeburg. We found more information on theaters and people. We've added much information on the movie theaters of Orangeburg to the site. We discovered how much more we need to uncover about these wonderful theaters. So, we will be returning to Orangeburg soon.

We also made contact with Dr. Robert E. Holman, of Elloree, SC. He has written several articles and books on local history and will be helping us with the movie theater history of Elloree and St. Matthews.

Because The Times And Democrat newspaper of Orangeburg serves such a large geographic area, we are finding it a most valuable resource for information on many single screen theaters in small towns which had no newspaper. Many of these wonderful theaters are no longer in living memory. We rely on the irreplaceable microfilm copies of old newspapers, city directories, and those excellent Sanborn maps to guide us back in time to give us an accurate picture of the past. Most of these resources are not available in digital form. We rely on local libraries and the friendly, knowledgeable and generous people who work there. In addition to movie theater history, our travels reveal the wide range of natural beauty in South Carolina. The people we meet reinforce the image of kind folks who are proud of their history and heritage and are happy to share it with anyone who will take the time to stop and ask.


We could not provide the information on this site without the help of the many people we meet on our road trips throughout South Carolina. On this trip, we met so many wonderful people.

The staff of the Mentor Library in Elloree were helpful, kind, and generous. Thanks to the staff of the Corner Kitchen in Holly Hill for the great food.

A big "Thank You" to the staff of the Orangeburg County Library System, Orangeburg Branch. This is a first-rate facility with a great reference staff.

Bill Greene continues to help us with the Greene family history as it relates to the movie theaters they opeated around South Carolina. Thanks, Bill.

And, thank you in advance, to anyone who can contribute to our on-going collection of information and stories about the movie theaters of South Carolina.

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