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December 2010

Recent Additions
We have been working away quietly on several theater histories. We discovered that The Augusta Chronicle now has an on-line archives that is searchable by key words. This has added some information to theaters we have already researched and some new information about other theaters. This new information appears on our web pages for Barnwell, Fairfax, Allendale, Edgefield, Blackville, Williston, North Augusta, and Aiken.

Columbia Theatres
Our friend and contributor, Bill Greene, has informed us that a website based in Columbia, SC, called "Columbia Closings" has information on several of Columbia's movie theatres. We will be following up on that information in the near future.

New Marquee on King Street - Charleston

The old Gloria Theatre marquee was removed a few weeks ago. It was recently replaced by a new marquee promoting the College of Charleston's Sottile Theatre. The entrance to the old Gloria Theatre hasn't been in this location for many years. The entrance to the Sottile Theatre is around the corner on George Street. The Gloria Theatre marquee that was removed was a bland design from the 1950s, and had been badly damaged by delivery trucks. The new marquee closely resembles the more attractive marquee that marked the Gloria Theatre entrance in the 1930s and 1940s.

New marquee promoting the Sottile Theatre - 2010

Gloria Theatre marquee as it apperaed in 1940.


This month our very special "Thank You" goes to Fay Rentz, whose grandfather opened two movie theaters in Varnville, SC. The materials from Fay are extensive and exciting. To explore this wonderful material,

VACO Theatre
Varnville c. 1915 Varnville's first movie theatre opened by Mr. Harrell Rentz.


Strand Theatre
Varnville (photo taken after theatre became a package store)

Northwoods Stadium Cinemas
North Charleston

Lobby of Northwoods Stadium Cinemas

The Lowcountry's newest movie theater opened Wednesday, November 24, near Northwoods Mall. With a space-themed decor, it is located at the site of the former AMC Northwoods 8 movie house which closed in 2008. Construction delays mean that only the first eight screens, of the planned 13, will open at this time. The remaining five screens should open withing three months. The new cinema is owned by Southeast Cinema Entertainment, which also owns the 16-screen megaplex at Citadel Mall.


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