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June 2012

Jerry Braddock, Sr., remembers working as an usher at the Victory Theater in Charleston and meetng cowboy star Johnny Mack Brown.

November 2011

Ritz Theater in Newberry is for sale.
Clemson offers course in history of South Carolina movie theaters

June 2011

Recent Additions to the web site, including two rare photographs.
What's Next? Projects we working on at this time.
Glories of the Gloria - recently discovered murals in Charleston's Sottile Theatre, formerly the Gloria Theatre.

February 2011

Charleston Theater Recent Additions
Special "Thank You" to Brian Petit for information on the Elco Theatre
Much more about the Charleston Theatre including a tribute to Miss Maud Gibbon
More on the Dixieland Theatre and Milo Theatre operated by John J. Miller

December 2010

South Carolina Theater Recent Additions
Special "Thank You" to Fay Rentz regarding Varnville movie theaters
Columbia Movie Theatre Resource
New Marquee on King Street - Charleston
Northwoods Stadium Cinemas - North Charleston

March 2010 (Special News)

Go See This Movie!
Crazy Like A Fox recently won "Best Film" at the Charleston Film Festival. It will be shown at the Terrace Theater on James Island beginning Friday, March 26. After viewing this movie, we were so moved that we felt we needed to let our site visitors know about it. Click Here to read our review.

March 2010

Citadel Mall Mini-Max
We wanted to add our thoughts about the smaller IMAX screens. We had expectations based on previous experiences at IMAX theaters. We were stunned by the new digital IMAX theater in Charleston. The screen is slightly larger than half the size of the standard IMAX screen.

Charleston Film Festival
We're making a presentation this year as part of the festival's educational series. We hope to see you there.

February 2010

Expanded Movie Theater Coverage
We have begun including Multiplex and Megaplex theaters to our site. This is quite a challenge and will be an on-going project. We continue to look for images and information on the old single-screen theaters of South Carolina. Many of our site visitors do not remember the old single-screen theaters. We have also realized that the generations who enjoyed the first twin-screen and multi-plex theaters have stories to tell. Those theaters are disappearing quickly. They are being replaced by larger migaplex theaters which often include an IMAX screen. So, we begin a period of expansion. We rely on our visitors to help us grow. Let us hear from you by sending us an email at info@scmovietheatres.com.

December 2009

Myrtle Beach revisited
Conway - Updates
New listing and information on the State Theatre of Loris, SC
Traveling the Upstate... again. New - Clemson, Update - Laurens

November 2009

Another trip to Elloree
Orangeburg's Many Movie Theaters

Continuing research on the Green/Greene Family Theaters

October 2009

Charleston Has New Theater For A Day - Disney's "A Christmas Carol" Tour Train

July 2009

VIP David Shepard Visits our Paradise Theatre
Lunch with New Friends - Picture Show Man and Alice Calhoun web sites
Trip to Hampton, Ridgeland and Beaufort

June 2009

We just returned from a ten-day road trip that covered much of western North Carolina, Tennessee, and northern Georgia. Along the way we had many exciting adventures, met some amazing people, and investigated several old single-screen movie theaters. While these are not South Carolina movie theaters, each has some story that makes it unique. We hope you will enjoy hearing about and seeing photos of these theaters in our neighboring states.

February 2009

A Joy To Share - we get to share some of the stories we have collected with members of the East Cooper Coffee Club of Mount Pleasant, SC. Moving Up Main - Columbia's Nickelodeon Theater moves forward with their capital campaign to make the old Fox Theater their new home. Movie Theaters of Charleston - we are getting close to publishing an expanded and much revised edition of our 1994 book on the history of Charleston's movie theaters.

November 2008

A look back on our unforgettable experiences this year and an invitation to share your memories of going to the old single-screen movie theaters of South Carolina.

October 2008 (Supplemental)

We visited The Laurel and Hardy Museum of Harlem, Georgia. There were loads of laughs and much to see. We took a lot of photographs. Click Here to enjoy this wonderful experience.

October 2008

Our web site is made possible by viewers like you. Recent additions include Williston Theater in Williston, SC and the Palace Theater in Charleston, SC.

Our "Looking for Laughs" contributor, Anne Dawson has sent updates on Silent and Classic Film Events in North Carolina and South Carolina. Click Here to check out these items of interest.

September 2008

Major additions to our single-screen movie theater history, our August Road Trip is detailed on pages for the following South Carolina cities and towns.

Lake City

August 2008

The Mill Village and the Movies - How motion pictures were seen in the South Carolina's mill towns.
New Profile - Mr. T. Lee Little, one of the South's pioneer exhibitors, began operating his Majestic Theater in Camden on April 7, 1915.
Tell Us YOUR Story - We want to hear your memories of South Carolina's single screen movie theaters.

July 2008

Author James Hutchisson's article on Charleston movie theater history in Charleston Magazine.
South Carolina Film Exhibition research class offered at Clemson University by James M. Burns.
We share our stories with the Men's Coffee Club of Mount Pleasant.

May 2008

An editorial on the possibilities of small communities reviving and reinventing their local movie theaters. Links to South Carolina's two operating Drive-In movie theaters.

April 2008

This month, we added the most South Carolina listings we've ever done in a single month. We added 32 new listings. Many include photographs and historical information.

April 2008 (Supplemental)

Three Charleston area theaters close. AMC's Citadel Mall 6 and Northwoods 8 as well as Regal's Mount Pleasant Stadium 12 theaters closed in April, 2008.

March 2008

Editorial: Roll Film... Please, Special Feature on the Terrace Theatre in Charleston. The League of Historic American Theatres has announced a national forum to be held at the Newberry Opera House in Newberry, South Carolina during April, 2008. Charleston International Film Festival.

January 2008

A report on our recent visit to the South Carolina State Museum to see their newest exhibition, Hollywood Comes to South Carolina: A Century of Filmmaking in The Palmetto State.

October 2007

Silent and Classic Film Events for North Carolina and South Carolina submitted by Anne Dawson
Latest information on the South Carolina Film Exhibit at the South Carolina State Museum

September 2007

"Lights, Camera, Carolina: Making Movies in the Palmetto State"
South Windermere Cinema closes
Memories of the Parkway Theatre in Mount Pleasant

July 1, 2007

Article on Marketing the Movies with materials from the Malcolm Samuel Suggs Collection
Update on the Nickelodeon Theater's renovation of the Fox Theater in Columbia, SC
Request for information on the movie theaters of Chesnee, SC

May 1, 2007

Index of New Photographs posted since April 1, 2007

April 1, 2007

Our Web Site Featured in www.sciway.net Newsletter
Comments from visitors to our site during April, 2007
Links to Individual Comments from Visitors or - Click Here

May 1, 2006

Nickelodeon Will Move to Former Fox Theatre in Columbia, SC
Another Lost Film: "Miss Jewett and the Baker Family"
Abby Coker Prepares Thesis Project on Anderson Theatres
Tom Reesor Still Searching for Lost Film: "The Power of Love"

February 1, 2006

"Pied Piper Malone" Premieres (again) after 83 Years
"Pied Piper Malone" Developments
The Gloria Revisited - Paragon Ragtime Orchestra Thrills Audience
Sylvia Theatre in York, SC
Tom Reesor Searching for 1922 Silent Film "The Power of Love"

January 1, 2006

"Pied Piper Malone" Developments
Garden Theatre in Charleston
Nickelodeon Theatre in Columbia
"Pied Piper Malone" Returns to Georgetown
Belton to Celebrate 150th Anniversary
Spatial Segregation

November 1, 2005

First Movies Shown on Sunday in South Carolina - Camp Croft, SC
Early Films Shown Outside
Edison Company Studio on Charleston, SC
Largest Wall in North America - Newberry Opera House


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